Desert Contemporary

The Story Behind the Pictures


Architecturally, this 6,000 square residence relies heavily on curvilinear forms and natural elements. Designed to blend into its desert surroundings, the house features flowing, free-form spaces and exceptionally large expanses of glass. The colors and textures used throughout reflect the home’s setting, while a slight Asian influence adds an unexpected element.

The elongated shape of the house made the project especially challenging. The clients entertain extensively and their gatherings, varying widely in size, required unconventional, multipurpose furnishings to meet their needs. Wine connoisseurs, their bar and wine cellar had to be located in the heart of the house, a pivot point for all the public spaces. Additionally, somewhat narrow rooms, the absence of walls (straight or otherwise), and long “commute” hallways presented additional challenges. Art placement was both difficult and limited due to curving walls and the extraordinary amount of glass. The clients both enjoy cooking while entertaining, necessitating open spaces so that guests can interact.

Our design incorporated glass doors in the great room that disappear completely into a pocket behind the fireplace, effectively merging the interior and exterior living areas to expand entertaining space.

Window treatments, where needed, were hidden in recessed ceiling channels. The breakfast tabletop, which divides the family room from the kitchen, is an eight foot piece of “art” that captures the desert colors and forms as well as providing function. The dining room tabletop expands on top of its base from six feet to 8 feet in length to serve even larger crowds. The wall hung entry pieces repeat the sensuous curves of the house itself. Gentle sounds from the water fountains in the long, curved hall soften the “commute” experience and contrast the hard surfaces surrounding them. The master bed structure was designed to take advantage of the angled wall as well as incorporate a mountain top view out of the smaller window.