Lavish Master Bath

As Seen on HGTV

The Story Behind the Pictures


What began as an artistic water feature for this luxurious master bath evolved into a fully functioning urinal. Situated in front of a view window, this one-of-a-kind feature started its design life as a focal-point water sculpture. As the project progressed, our clients came across something similar while traveling overseas that functioned as a urinal. We were impressed with the idea and loved the unique concept, but we had to figure out a way to construct it. All the individual parts were available, or could be designed, but no one in the U.S. had put them together in quite that way before. With the help of our team of specialty consultants, we created the technology for this unusual use.

Lit from both above and below, the urinal, as well as the glass chunks in the trough below, emit a continuous soft glow. We etched the glass appropriately for privacy and installed a graphic eye sensor to trigger water flow with an automatic shutoff when use is completed. Water flows from a cutout in the ceiling, down the face of the glass, and into the flushable trough at the bottom.

The sinks and counters are made from onxy slabs, lit from below to set the stone aglow. A huge tub fills from the ceiling in a narrow stream.

The end result is a dramatic, sensuous, memorable master bath with every possibly luxurious amenity. As featured on HGTV, this bathroom combines the ultimate in luxury with simple practicality and the beauty of art and the desert.